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WATER DEPTH SURVEYS (hydrographic / bathymeteric)

Single beam
Dual frequency

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Water Depth Surveys

Many of our water depth surveys are used to support marine construction projects, dredging projects and general condition investigations. Hydro Data, Inc. routinely uses this type of data to generate maps, compute volumes of dredged material, compute siltation rates and compute drinking reservoir capacities.

Hydro Data performs both single beam surveys and multi-beam surveys. For shallow sites requiring complete bottom coverage we employ our multi-transducer sweep system.

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Dual-Frequency Water Depth Surveys

For sites where traditional high frequency (200khz) depth sounding does not penetrate to the hard bottom due to suspended sediments or thick vegetation, Hydro Data employs our Model "456 XPe" 200/24khz dual-frequency depth sounder. The "456 XPe" generates digital depths for both the high and low frequency returns and generates an analog chart showing the various bottom and sub-bottom layers. We routinely employ the dual-frequency depth sounder when surveying deep reservoirs where layers of suspended sediments mask the hard bottom and in shallow lakes to map the upper organic layers and the hard bottom beneath.

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Data Products

Data sets are processed and presented in a variety of formats to suit the project needs. For example, final drawings may be submitted as PDF files showing survey data as color filled depth contours along with shoreline features and proposed project stuctures. Depth data may be submitted as xyz files, as 2D/3D ACAD or MicroStation drawing files or in a variety of digital formats such as 3D surfaces and 3D geometries.

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