Who we are....

VesPos stands for Vessel Position named for the dredge positioning software created in 1990 to assist dredge operators.

Vespos staff have performed hydrographic survey work since the early 80's with a knowledge base extending from microwave to RTK and sounding line to multibeam and beyond.

VesPos is a small company designed to provide support to larger companies needing hydrographic expertise.

How we will help you...

Looking for a sunken plane? Need to map a pipeline route? How much material was dredged?
We will find, map and compute for you.

Need to measure discharge and dispersion from an outfall?
We will measure, analyze and report for you.

Need permit drawings for your proposed project?
We will survey and prepare all required drawings.

Need to map a difficult area to access?
We love challanges!

Need to monitor turbidity, DO or salinity?
We have buoys!

Need processing help? Help with CAD work?
Call us!

We would love to support your project.